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A new programming language, again?

Assampler is a sound processing program for Amiga computers and compatibles. On the first glance it is a program where you can connect sound processes visually. Many programs of this kind exist on other computer platforms. The devil is in the details: Assampler holds its sounds in a directory like structure allowing the user to start a process on a whole set of sounds. It is absolutely object oriented. Different sound processes may be connected visually or by a selection window and thus larger algorithms can be constructed. Interesting for physicists: The program uses the metric unit system and the unit dimensions are not fixed to, say, time and voltage. Instead you can choose them according the usage of the sound object, e.g. Hz->V for a spectrum, V->V for diode characteristic or s->m for a description of a cinematic process. Last but not least Assampler uses MUI and AHI which gives you an optimal GUI and sound output, respectively, from low end up to high end systems.

The plain enumeration of all integrated object classes is not very spectacular, because the power of the program comes from the ability to connect multiple sound processes. This opens new doors but if you want to be creative it requires basic knowledge, too, this is partly given in the guide (currently only German :-(, and it requires abstract thinking, too. You will not find any complex process in the program, they are layed out to example algorithms. - Some of them will show you how complex processes could really be, where you always thought, they are atomic.

Connecting processes is like programming, but the differences to an ARexx interface are, that it can be used some more intuitive, that it is integrated into the GUI, since you can collect all relevant values of a complex algorithm in one window and that the interleaved calculation method is faster especially if you work on sample sounds directly on disk. Except of the fourier transformation of whole sounds Assampler can't offer you any new function compared to other programs, but I want to claim that I generated a environment which allows you to actually do all these things that are possible with sound processing software in principle.

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Of course you can download Assampler here. Download Assampler
Some sound examples in AIFF format Example directory

To discuss how to turn your ideas into working sound algorithms, learn about useful tricks, share experiences with other Assampler users, listen to brand new news about Assampler and take part in votings about new features, subscribe to the Assampler mailing list.

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