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Warning: This page is only of historical relevance. Currently I am a freelancer.
Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg . Faculty for Natural Sciences III . Institute for Computer Sciences . Team of Prof. Brass: Data bases
E-Mail thielema(a)informatik.uni-halle.de
Office: Raum 314
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1
Institut für Informatik
Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät III
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
06099 Halle

Research interests

Experiences with


" There are no confusing theories,
there are only those that are not explained well enough. "

2008-02-11 ps.gz pdf german Funktional logic programming using Mercury Course "Deductive Databases und Logic Programming (Winter 2007/2008)"
2007-08-28 ps.gz pdf german Proving with PVS. Application to databases. Seminar of the data bases team
2007-07-18 ps.gz pdf english Mathematical notation and the use of functions Poster for the Annual meeting of ICIAM and GAMM in Zurich
2007-07-10 ps.gz pdf german Calculation of sound - Signal processing and Music composition with Haskell Vortrag und Vorführung beim HAL2
2007-03-27 ps.gz pdf german Didactic issues of mathematical notation Poster for Annual DMV and GDM meeting in Berlin
2006-10-06 ps.gz pdf german What can computer algebra systems adapt from functional programming? 9th Middle Germany Computer Algebra Day in Jena
2005-05-27 ps.gz pdf german Mathematics and Functional Programming Seminar AG Maaß
2004-10-05 ps.gz pdf english Audio Processing using Haskell 7th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects, DAFx'04 in Naples
2004-03-26 ps.gz pdf english Optimally Matched Wavelets Annual meeting of the GAMM in Dresden
2004-02-08 ps.gz pdf english Strong Symbols - about Mathematical Symbolics Seminar at Uttendorf
2003-02-11 ps.gz pdf german Arithmetics for computers - fast computation of standard functions Seminar at Uttendorf
2002-09-16 ps.gz pdf german Computation of curves and controlling in measurement technology Conference of the German society of mathematicians (DMV) in Halle


" Den Artikel auf das Entrauschen in dünnbesetzten Darstellungen zu erweitern, würde den Rahmen der Zeitschrift etwas sprengen. "

2008-today current papers view them at arXiv
2007-11 ps.gz pdf english The Parallel Web: How to write a Web Service in a Functional Programming Language rejected at European Conference on Web Services in Halle
2007-10 ps.gz pdf english Experience report: Haskell and mathematics rejected at International Conference on Functional Programming in Freiburg
2004-03 ps.gz pdf english Bounds for smoothness of refinable functions Special issue of "Linear algebra and applications" on Signal and Image Processing (Unfortunately ElseVier added some typos to the printed version which make the article almost useless. Please download the online version here.)


2006-03 ps.gz pdf english Optimally Matched Wavelets PhD thesis
2001-08 ps.gz pdf english Adaptive construction of wavelets for image compression Master thesis


... my papers preferably using BibTeX.

Software packages

" Apart from the formulation there is no difference between problem and solution. "

2006-today various Haskell packages published on Hackage and developed at code.haskell.org. Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org gnuplot Wrapper to gnuplot, a function plotter Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org explicit-exception First class exception handling Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org synthesizer Sound synthesis and analysis Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org alsa Bindings to Linux' sound system ALSA (initiated by Bjorn Bringert, Iavor S. Diatchki) Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org jack Bindings to realtime sound system JACK (initiated by Sönke Hahn) Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org haskore Music composition and analysis (initiated by Paul Hudak) Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org numeric-prelude Algrebaically oriented numeric type class hierarchy as alternative to the one that comes with Haskell98's Prelude. (initiated by Dylan Thurston) Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org storablevector Efficient array implementations (initiated by Spencer Janssen) Haskell
Hackage code.haskell.org data-accessor First class accessors to record fields. (initiated by Luke Palmer) Haskell
2002-09-25 ps.gz pdf cwt Continuous wavelet transform (German documentation, English source code, C++ unfortunately)

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